1300 TTSN!!


  100 SMOH
Lycoming GSO 480 – 340 HP!!


Hartzell 3 Bladed prop 100 SPOH


Ex Yugoslavian military ambulance / floatplane / armed utility reconnaissance airplane – similar to a Birdog but four seats and bigger – very similar in size and shape to a Helio Courier.  Has almost the same engine and prop as the  Helio Courier except with more power and excellent high altitude capabilities because it is supercharged.  Great for those high  altitude lakes and back country mountain strips!!  Has hydraulic “Beaver” style flap system – so you control exactly how much flap to use. Wings are almost 2 feet longer than a 206.  The wings are almost identical in shape and flap style to a Cessna 185.  They also have leading edge wing slots (similar to a Stinson 108) for excellent aileron control.  

Has a “stick” control system for that true military feel – you feel like you’ve actually got a hold of something!!  


Because they were used as an ambulance – the whole back window opens up so you can load "the guy who shot second" or use it for loading and unloading those larger items. 

 Every where it goes you get “That’s pretty cool - what is it???” 




 Click here to watch video of another one of these "Monsters" taking off from a trailer rolling down a runway when it was originally  put on floats at the airport 

  Imported, inspected, and reassembled in ‘98

Corrosion inspection on the prop ‘98

New Custom paint '98

New interior '98

New glass ‘ 98

Extensive annual 2010

Overhauled the carb ‘2010



This airplane is probably the best looking Utva in Canada - does not look like an old "clapped out" warbird.  If you are looking for a low time  - engine, prop, and airframe – utility airplane that has lots of power – including high altitude capability, lots of room, excellent visibility, and a lot of interesting features that only military airplanes possess.  It is a European airplane but it has a lot of American features taken from some of the best American designs – best of all it has an American engine and prop!!  If you want to be the first one on your airport/lake with a 340 Hp Supercharged, 3 bladed, four seat airplane that will gather a curious group of onlookers at every takeoff - this airplane maybe good for you!!


$47,500 CDN$


Wipline Straight Floats Available

May take trade

Doug Ronan 1-888-353-6257 anytime, day or night,  



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