If you presently own, are re-building, or thinking of buying an airplane that needs some TLC - minor or major - Certified/Homebuilt/OM we can help you get flying easier, faster, and probably better!  

That sounds like an ego-loaded statement on my part so let me back it up.  I have been flying since I was 14 years old and have accumulated approx 5000 hours flying time. Approximately 2500 hours of this time is on floats, approximately 1000 in tail draggers and the rest is in retractable, wheels, and skis. 

I have flown all over North America - including lots of "Bush Flying", and lots of long distance flying.   I have owned close to 100 different airplanes in all categories - certified, homebuilt/amateur-built, and owner-maintenance. I have been full time in the aviation business for over 22 years.  At age 18 I bought my first airplane and started working as an apprentice.

 I have been working on and dealing with airplanes ever since.  

I have extensive experience owning, flying, maintaining, rebuilding, and restoring numerous different types of airplanes - both sheet metal/aluminum or tube and fabric. 

I can help you choose an airplane,
I know how to get it flying,
I know how to fly it,
I know how it should fly,
I know how to make it fly better!!

Click here to see some of the projects we have done over the years -
both Certified and Homebuilt

If you've got an airplane in mind, if you've run out of "steam" on your project, or if you have something that needs to be rebuilt or restored - homebuilt, certified, or
owner - maintenance, give me call. 

Doug Ronan
1-888-353-6257 anytime,
day or night  


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