Interesting Floatplane pictures

2002 Greenville, Maine Seaplane Fly-in pictures
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The Noorduyn Norseman I used to ride around in when I was about 14

Same airplane after it was rebuilt winter of 2003 at Corporate Aircraft
 Restoration in Oshawa, Ontario (this picture taken at Orillia Aviation)
I flew to Red Lake with Dave Robertson Chimo Air's chief pilot 

Here's a picture of JIN at Chimo's base at the foot of Howie Bay in Red Lake

Two amphibs we put together in the last couple of years -
LEFT '56 182 with Texas Skyways carburated 550, 3 blade Blac Mac, new paint,
Monarch main and long range tanks, Horton STOL, VG's, wing extensions,
EDO 2705 amphibs, Selkirk interior, etc.  Cruises at 155 MPH on ampib floats!!
RIGHT '64 180 with stock O-470 R 230 HP - actually works pretty good!!
New paint, new glass, Horton STOL, and EDO 2705 amphibs

Cherokee 180 on EDO 2000's

Ercoupe on floats

Murphy Renegade biplane on three floats????????

Needs no explanation - no I don't think it ever flew