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Quebec Bushpilots Association


Seaplane club in Como, Italy - if you speak Italian you can tell us what it says!



NSSA - Norwegian Ski & Seaplane Association



Western Seaplane Pilots Association
This is a really cool site - base I think in California


Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association
Seaplane club in Oregon, USA - some really good pictures


Texas seaplane pilots home page


Washington Seaplane Pilots Association


International Republic Seabee Owner's Club



Täby Seaplane Club
The club is situated north of Stockholm City, in Hägernäs, Täby, Sweden.


Seaplane Guide


The Montana Seaplane Pilots Association 


New Hampshire Seaplane Base Photo Directory 


Maryland / Chesapeake Bay Seaplane Pilots



 Aircraft Mods


Vortex Generators for the PA18, PA12, PA14


Vortex Generators

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Ontario Seaplane Training Schools

Chapman Aviation Ltd. Contact: Jonathan Chapman, RR #2, Arnprior, ON, K7S 3G8. Tel: 613-623-7231; Fax: 613-623-3802; Home Page:
Base: South Renfrew Municipal Airport
Training fleet: (1) Cessna 172M, (1) Cessna 150L
Supplementary: Provide float training for pilots buying or upgrading to Cessna 206
(Updated 2003)

Sudbury Aviation Ltd. Box 340, Azilda, ON, P0M 1B0. Contact: Marg Watson Hyland. Tel/Fax: 705-983-4255; E-mail:; Web site:
Base: Whitewater Lake Airport
Training includes: PVT, SEA, NIT, COM, BUSH, REC
Training fleet: (2) C-172 float and skis
Supplementary information: Ab initio training on floats, new commercial pilots need float time to be hired in the aviation industry. Flight training school for 42 years. Always flying on floatplanes in the summer and ski planes in the winter. Approved night ice strip when the lights are set out.
Hourly rate: (2) C-172s at $159 per hours dual and solo. Bush course, 10 hours of intensive bush flying at $169 per hour offered after a Private or Recreational Licence is achieved.
(Updated 2003)

Brampton Flight Centre, Contact: Rick Wynott. RR #1, Cheltenham, ON, L0P 1C0. Tel: 905-838-1400 ext. 222; Fax: 905-838-1405; E-mail:; Home Page:
Base: Brampton Airport
Training includes: RPL, PVT, COM, IFR, INST, SEA, PPC, Multi-engine
Training fleet: C-152, C-172, PA18, DA-20 at $75 per hour solo, $115 per hour dual
Supplementary: Student loans arranged through government assistance. Professional pilot program. College program. Affiliated with Algonquin College, Humber College, and Georgian College.
(Updated 2003)

First Nations Technical Institute Aviation, Contact: Jo-Anne Tabobandung, 314 Airport Rd., RR #1, Deseronto, ON, K0K 1X0. Tel: 613-396-1081 and 1082; Fax: 613-396-1083; E-mail:; Home Page:
Base: Tyendinaga (Mohawk) Airport
Training includes: RPP, PPL, CPL, Night, VFR-OTT, Multi-Engine, Instrument, Instructor, Seaplane, Tailwheel Instruction
Training fleet: (7) C-172, (3) PA28, (1) 7ECA, (1) Piper Aztec, (2) Elite Simulators, (1) ATC 810 Simulator
Supplementary information: Affiliated with Canadore College - Aviation Pilot Fixed Wing - Aboriginal. Rentals. Floatplane training done through Thompson Air Service Ltd.
(Updated 2003)

Thompson Air Service Ltd., Contact: Paul Thompson, P.O. Box 86, Selby, Ont., K0K 2Z0. Tel.: 613-378-6636; E-mail:
Base: Mohawk Bay, Deseronto
Training includes: Seaplane training, 10 hours dual instruction (2-3 hours, remote lakes). At least 5 solo takeoffs and landings. Advanced seaplane training 50 hrs. Solo on approval of CFI.
Training fleet: C-180 at $265/hr.
Supplementary: Based on Bay of Quinte, limited solo available dependant on experience, local accommodation available.
(Updated 2003)

Eagle Flight Centre, Contact: Roland Hemmer, P.O. Box 3021, Sudbury Airport, Garson, ON, P3L 1V4. Tel: 705 693-7611; Fax: 705 693-9828; E-mail:; Web site:
Training includes: REC, PVT, COM, ATP, NIT, SEA, MUL, IFR, INS
Supplementary: Located downtown Sudbury, accommodations arranged, experienced float pilots advanced bush course, fuel/oil.
(Updated 2003)

Elmhirst Vacation Air Ltd.,  Contact: Peter Elmhirst or Anne Marshall. 1045 Settlers Line, RR#1, Keene, ON, K0L 2G0. Tel.: 705-295-4591; Fax: 705-295-4596; E-mail: or; Home page: (Free Spirit Air Adventures)
Base: Keene, Ont./Elmhirst's Resort (NQ6 and PS3)
Training: 7 hour course includes dual instruction, solo circuits, ground work and lesson plan. PA12 Piper Cub has flaps and 150 hp engine. Rate $1095 plus licence fee.
Hourly rate: PA12 Piper Cub $175 per hour; Cessna 185 $350 per hour (advanced)
Supplementary information: Resort, dining and horseback riding on site. Open year round. Winter ski flying.
(Updated 2003)

North Bay
Algonquin Flight Centre Inc., Contact: Ron McDonald (CFI, DFTE), P.O. Box 1748, 1650 Airport Rd., North Bay, Ont., P0H 1P0. Tel.: 705-840-5754; Fax: 705-840-2632; E-mail:; Web site:
Base: North Bay Airport, Ont.
Fleet: Cessna 152 (2), Cessna 172 (2), Bellanca Citabria (Floats), Piper Twin Commanche PA-30
Training Categories: ATPL, Commercial, Private, Recreational, Floats, IFR, MULTI, Night, VFR-OTT, MULTI-IFR, Recurrency, Instructor Rating, Ground School, Professional Pilot Program with Aviation Diploma from Canadore College
(Updated 2003)

Midland Flight Centre Ltd. (Barrie), RR#2, Oro Station, Ont., L0L 2E0. Tel.: 705-487-1843; Fax: 705-487-5458; E-mail:; Web site:
Base: Lake Simcoe Regional Airport
Training includes: float training, flight trainins
Training fleet: (4) C-172, (1) C-150, Flamingo, Cherokee
(Updated 2003)

Canadian Flight Academy Ltd. 1200 Airport Boulevard, Oshawa, ON, L1J 8P5. Contact: John Davis. Tel: 905-404-9252; Fax: 905-404-1803; E-mail: cfa@idirect.comHome Page:
Base: Oshawa, CY00
Training includes: PVT, INS, IFR, MUL, NIT, COM, ATP, REC, SEA
Training fleet: (8) C-152, (3) C-172, (1) C-172RG, (1) PA28-180, (1) PA44-180, (1) PA31-350, (1) PA-28R-200, (1) C-172 on floats, Elite simulator
Supplementary information: Seminole rented solo at $195 per hour.
Student loan managed through government assistance.
(Updated 2003)

Durham Flight Centre Inc.  1190 Keith Ross Crt., Oshawa Municipal Airport, Oshawa, ON, L1H 7K4. Contact: Bill Hueston, Manager. Tel: 905-720-2831; Fax: 905-721-0349; E-mail:; Home Page:
Base: Oshawa Municipal Airport
Training includes: PVT, INS, IFR, MUL, NIT, COM, ATP, AER, REC, SEA
Training fleet: (3) C-150, (3) C-172, (1) AT6, (1) DH82C, (1) PA-23 (250), (1) Elite PFC 2, (1) C-310, (1) PA28R
Supplementary information: Tailwheel checkout. Aerobatic instruction. Warbird rides (Harvard/Tiger Moth). Only do float checkouts on customer's aircraft.
(Updated 2003)

Stanton Air Contact: John Bleasby. 6422 Bluebird St., Orillia, ON, L3V 6H6. Tel: 416-432-5414; Fax: 705-325-0303;
E-mail:; Home page:
Base: CNJ4 Orillia - Lake St. John
Training includes: SEA
Training Fleet: C-172, C206, C185
Hourly rate: C-185 and C-206 at $400
Supplementary: Float endorsement and bush training available (remote lakes); in cooperation with Future Air.
(Updated 2003)

Ottawa Flying Club, Contact: Andrew McKenzie, 1 Lindbergh Place, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1H7. Tel: 613-523-2142; Fax: 613-523-2187; E-mail:; Home Page:
Training includes: PVT, INS, IFR, MUL, NIT, COM, SEA. Ground school courses: PVT, COM, IFR, INS.
Float training fleet: (1) C-172 Hawk XP on Edo 2440 Floats, (5) C-150, (4) C-172, (1) PA-28, (1) BE-76 Duchess
Seaplane training at Constance Lake, Ont. School located at Ottawa International Airport. Courses offered: Ground school, float endorsement, advanced bush training, sightseeing. Located at Ottawa International Airport. Large variety of instrument approaches available at Ottawa and three surrounding airports. 
(Updated 2003)

Parry Sound
Georgian Bay Airways Ltd., Contact: Nicole Saulnier. 11A Bay Street, Parry Sound, ON, P2A 1S4. Tel: 705-774-9884 or 800-786-1704; Fax: 705-774-9026; E-mail:; Home Page:
Main Base: Parry Sound Harbour (CPSI)
Fleet: Cessna 180 floats (1), DHC-2 Beaver floats (1)
Training categories: Exclusively career bush pilot training (comprehensive 50 and 100 hour programs), including outdoor survival, outboard familiarization and outpost orientation.
Training includes: Seaplane ratings and bush pilot prep program. 
(Updated 2003)

Brampton Flying Club (Pembroke), Contact: Larry Warden, CFI, 240 Len Hopkins Dr., Pembroke, Ont., K8A 6W7. Tel.: 613-687-0204; Fax: 613-687-7593; E-mail:; Web site:
Base: Pembroke
Training includes: Recreational to Instructor, Night, VFR OTT, Single/Multi IFR, Seaplane
Training fleet: C-172, PA-44 Seminole, 172 Amphib
Supplementary: We are a branch of the Brampton Flying Club, offering both club and college programs to students, as well as rentals and charter services. Affiliated with Algonquin College (Commercial Pilot and Aviation Management Program).
(Updated 2003)

Port Carling
Cloud Air Service Ltd. Contact: don Mortimer, Mortimer's Point, RR3#, Port Carling, ON, P0B 1J0. Tel: 705-765-3574, Toll free: 800-990-1199; E-mail:; Web site:
Base: Mortimer's Point Lake
Training fleet: floats - C-172, C-206

(Updated 2003)

Huron Flight Centre, Contact: Shawn Finn CFI, 1500 Airport Road, Sarnia, ON, N7W 1B6. Tel: 519-542-6599; Fax: 519-542-7911; E-mail:; Web site:  
Fleet: C-172 (3), C-150 (4), Elite Simulator
Training categories: RPP, PPL, CPL, ATPL, NIGHT, VFR OTT, IFR, Seaplane
Supplementary: Professional aviation program in association with Lambton College. Financial aid to those who qualify.
(Updated 2003)

Sioux Lookout
Lockhart Air Services Ltd., Contact: David Wright, P.O. Box 985, Sioux Lookout, ON, P8T 1B3. Tel.: 807-737-4445; Fax: 807-737-2277; E-mail:; Web site: .
Training fleet: C-172 (180hp) Superhawk for flight training, for charter service: C-310R and C402, Multi-IFR charters, C404, Elite flight simulator
(Updated 2003)

West Capital Aviation, John MacMillan, President, 22 Beverly Street, Stittsville, Ont., K2S 1C3. Tel.: 613-296-7971; E-mail:; Web site:
Services: floatplane training/charter/sightseeing company
Base: Headquarters is in Carp and seaplane base is at Constance Lake. 
Fleet: 1 C-172 and 2  C-180's on floats.
(Updated 2004)

Thunder Bay
Confederation College of Applied Arts & Technology  Contact: Elizabeth Wieven or Andrew Haye, P.O. Box 398, Thunder Bay, ON, P7C 4W1. Tel.: 807-473-2414; Fax: 807-475-4526; Web site:
Fleet: 13 single engine Cessnas (including 2 on floats)
Training categories: Private, Commercial, Night, Floats, Skis, Avn Mgmt
Specialties: College diploma with extensive float training
(Updated 2003)

Northern Flight Training Centre Contact: Guy Cannon, 417 John Paterson Drive, Thunder Bay, ON, P7E 6M8. Tel: 807-475-0330; Fax: 807-475-9011; E-mail:; Web site:
Fleet: C-152 (1), C-172 (1), Chinook 2S, J3-Cub
Training categories: PVT, INS, IFR, MUL, SEA, NIT, COM, ATP, REC, ULT, INST
(Updated 2003)