Pictures of our water runway

(sorry for the poor quality of some of these pictures)

Summer of 2002 - after we finished leveling all the banks around the pond

Looking east - after we leveled all the banks, summer 2002

View of pond, coming in on final to parallel grass runway - from PA-11

7CBC Citabria - first airplane to land in pond in spring of  '97

First take off out of pond - J-3 in the spring of  '97 (again sorry for poor quality)

First liftoff without a hitch!

125Hp Pacer on 1650's taking off

180HP Aeronca Sedan taking off

1954 180 on 2425's

Utva 66 - (340 HP Geared, supercharged, Yugoslavian military airplane)

1962 260 HP 185 on CAP 3000 floats

55 180 taking off

Stinson 108-3 with 180 Lycoming with 2 people

Stinson 108-3 with 180 HP Franklin just lifting off

13 1/2 inch perch my six year old son caught in the pond

We have 5 "slips" dug into the side of the pond for parking

A friend of mine in his 21 ft Donzi going about 50 MPH in the pond ( It's for sale!)