Salvaging a 185 skiplane

This is 185 that went through the ice on skis in Northern Saskatchewan about 15 years ago.
It sank and ended up in 60 feet of water, about 10 miles from the nearest road. 

Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures - they are out of my old photo album

We put a 185 on floats over top of it with a couple of logs between the floats.
A diver went down to hook on to the airplane with a chain hoist.
Then we hoisted the skiplane up to just below the floatplane and
towed the two airplanes to shore and then winched the skiplane out.

Just surfacing

Almost Ready to lift

Sikorksy S-58 comes to lift it out to the road

The helicopter struggles to lift - notice the waves on the water

Off it goes the S-58 with the 185 in tow